Virtual Connections

15 09 2006

I’m really excited about our new Virtual Connections offerings. Our goal is to provide fun and informative ways for people to get the information they want in a way that fits into their schedules, and to foster a greater sense of community among our families. Here’s the low-down on the Virtual Community features:

Blog – You’re reading it now! For anyone who received the PKIDs’ News mailing, the blog will fill that need – with the informative articles – and more, providing information about the organization’s activities and current events related to the topics we cover.

Live chats – We just launched two chat rooms: open and moderated. The open chat room will be for people to log into and chat with each other. This room will be open 24/7 for you to use at your convenience. The moderated chat room will be reserved for scheduled chats with guests and other experts. Our first moderated chat will be taking place November 14th with Phil Rosenthal, MD, as our guest. For more information on chats, please visit the live chats main page.

Newsfeeds – We’ve got four newsfeeds that feature current news articles on the following topics: Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, Immunizations, and Infectious Diseases. We post new items a few times a week.

Let me pause to note that there’s more than one way to get our blog and newsfeed stuff. Choose the method that works best for you.

  1. You can subscribe to the blog and newsfeeds via email. For the blog’s email option, see the sidebar to the right. For the newsfeeds’ email options, see the newsfeed page.
  2. Subscribe to the blog or newsfeeds via RSS. If you’re not sure what that is, click here. If you’re still not sure, drop me a line.
  3. View them online by visiting the blog link or the links from the newsfeed page.

I highly recommend subscribing. That way, you automatically receive posts when they’re posted.

Podcasts – If you’d rather hear your news than read it, podcasts are for you. We haven’t got our podcasts up and running yet, but they’ll be as easy to hear and receive as the blog and newsfeeds. The podcasts will be MP3 files of interviews and such on various topics.

Listserv – As some of you know, we’ve offered a listserv for our parents for quite some time. We’ll continue to offer this, and in the future are considering forums as well. Forums are a great way to encourage community and support, just as our friendly listserv is doing.

I hope this paints a picture of our newest developments and the ones we’ve got in the works. As always, contact the office with any questions and suggestions!



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