Pediatric Hepatitis Report

23 10 2006

PKIDs’ Pediatric Hepatitis Report was first crafted in 2001 through a joint effort with the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Many of the sections have undergone periodic updates and are available on PKIDs’ website,
Parents find the Report useful because:

  • it explains the blood tests that need to be done and what the results of such tests mean
  • it covers the latest treatment options, reviewing the pros and cons of treatment
  • it offers the heartfelt words of parents of children affected by chronic, viral hepatitis, as well as words from the children themselves
  • it is a how-to 500+ page document that is also used by physicians when training their residents and interns.

Most recently, the sections on hepatitis A and transplants have been updated. Next on the list for updating are the treatment sections of hepatitis B and C.
When the Report was first outlined, parents of infected children decided on the content to ensure that it addressed all of the concerns and questions parents had. It is a complete resource for parents and we encourage you to use it.
Sections of the Report have been translated into Chinese, Russian and Spanish, although those sections haven’t been updated in the last three years.
If after reviewing the Report you have suggestions for content, we hope you will share those with us. We want this document to be of use and are happy to expand or alter it to keep up with the times.



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