21 02 2007

It’s been many days since our last blog entry, but there’s good reason – we’ve been hard at work putting together a project for PKIDs’ Vaccine Initiative.  We invite you to visit, a website for teens and twentysomethings reminding them that they, too, need immunizations.

GETVAXED features funny videos, basic info on what vaccines are needed and the diseases they prevent and a contest for videographers everywhere.  Send in a funny video and win a prize.  Simple!  (Well, there are a few rules, but why mess up a blog with fine print?)

If you have a moment, please visit the GETVAXED website and let us know what you think.  We want to hear any and all suggestions or comments that will help us make the site even better.

The healthcare of teens and young adults is too often underfunded, undervalued and underutilized.  Immunizations are easy, and easily overlooked.  Encourage young people you know to check in with a healthcare provider and find out what vaccines they need.



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