Kids’ Care

14 12 2007

The New England Journal of Medicine published a study not long ago about kids and the medical care they receive.  The results are not good.

Children in the United States get appropriate medical care only 47 percent of the time when visiting healthcare professionals.

The study followed 1,536 children over a four-year period.  Researchers found that even basic care was suboptimal for kids visiting pediatricians or hospitals.

  • Only 19 percent of seriously ill infants with fevers had correct lab work done
  • Only 46 percent of kids with asthma were taking the correct meds
  • Only 31 percent of kids ages 3-6 had their weight measured at annual checkups
  • Only 68 percent of the time do kids with acute illnesses get the correct care
  • Only 53 percent of the time do kids with chronic conditions receive correct care

The kids in the study were from middle-income families with health insurance.  The kids most likely to receive good care…or so we thought.  What’s happening to kids with little or no insurance?

This study unearthed a huge problem.  Now what are we going to do about it?



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