Hepatitis B Vaccine Birth Dose

12 05 2009

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection has the reputation of being a sexually transmitted disease.  That’s because it is an STD.  But, it’s also a virus that can pass from a mom to her newborn at or soon after birth.

Pregnant women can become infected with HBV and not know it, then pass it on to their newborns. OBs will test at-risk women early in the pregnancy and again at birth, but what if you’re not considered at-risk and you get infected? 

Giving a newborn the birth dose of the HBV vaccine is important because if a newborn becomes infected with hepatitis B, that baby has a 90 percent chance of staying infected – being chronically infected – for life.

This infection may never cause any harm, but it could cause liver damage, liver cancer or even death. 

Treatment options are not great and, because there is a vaccine for HBV, not a lot of money gets put into this research.  They’re not even searching for a cure, just possible ways to stop the damage caused by the viral infection.

Get vaccinated.  Get your babies and children vaccinated.  Hepatitis B is around and no one can say how it will act in any one body.  Why take the chance?



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13 05 2009

It is also possible to contract HepB as a child.

13 05 2009

That’s absolutely true. For this blog, we wanted to emphasize the birth dose because some parents don’t understand why a baby needs to be vaccinated against HBV. Thanks for commenting.

13 05 2009

I am positive didn’t get Hep B from sex!!!!!

but because of B had to get transplant. Save your kids from this crap.
I did mine.

15 06 2009

i haven’t given my child the Hep B yet. she is now 3 years old. If i start now, would the dosage be the same as newborns or will the dosage have to be higher?

18 06 2009

That’s a good question. We suggest that your child’s provider will know her medical history and be able to answer it with certainty.

25 02 2011
Sue J

A lot of people dies because of Hepatitis B. One of the silent killer disease. This disease kills 3,000 persons each year in United States. How can we prevent this? Get vaccinated.

Thanks for this! God bless

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