Nurse Mary Beth and CMV » Hand Washing Technique


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23 09 2010
Claire Wilson

To Whom it may concern,
Please would it be possible to reporduce this picture as a teaching aid for student nurses.
Kin drgeards

23 09 2010

Yes, please use it.

27 06 2011
patricia poirier

I would like to use your image on a handwashing poster for class. May I? Patty P

29 06 2011


16 10 2010
vijay kumar tailor

I wantto you that surgical hand washing technque

5 03 2012

Can I use your poster for patient teaching. Can I edit it? I need to add a step at the end to suggest turn off faucet using paper towel.

5 03 2012

Yes, use it as you see fit.

20 03 2012
Emma Winterman

Hi may we have permission to use your poster as an online teaching aid for nursing students?

20 03 2012

Yes, go ahead and use it. We did not create it, but if memory serves, we did get permission to use it. As long as you’re not selling the image or using it as a component in something you’re selling, it should be fine.

13 07 2012
Mar Hackbart

Hi – May I use this image for a general handwashing teaching class?

13 07 2012

The image wasn’t created by PKIDs, and it’s been around so long, we can’t swear to its origin, but we think it’s created by a health dept. If that’s so, then yes, we see no reason not to use it.

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