Kids Bring Home the Darndest Things!

6 01 2010

Nurse Mary Beth explains how to identify and treat pink eye and head lice – oh my!

Listen now!

Right-click here to download podcast (5mb, 10min)




3 responses

23 08 2010

yeah. Head Lice
are really bad for the family and the community. so everybody should do their part and try to get rid of them or just not get Head Lice.

25 08 2010

youre right anna. head lice are on the greatest things that i hate. and hate is such a strong word for me.

thanks for the info author

29 01 2014
Lisa researching eye infection

Pink eye stinks. So does head lice, I’m sure. Let’s all do our part and keep our kids home if we suspect something is amiss. 🙂

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