Sitting Through Life, or How To Die a Slow, Painful Death

27 01 2010

Oh, my achin’ buttocks!  Did you hear the latest?  Apparently, even if we exercise as we should, sitting around on our rear ends all day may kill us.

This could potentially wipe out 50 percent of our staff.  The part-timers are safe, but those of us glued to our ‘puters eight hours a day (or more, because I put in the overtime, unlike some colleagues I could mention, but why go there) are staring death straight in the face, or some other body part, we’re not really sure where to fix our gaze.

Studies are reporting that those of us who perform our jobs sitting down are more likely to be fat (check), have a heart attack (yikes), or even ride that big office chair to the sky.

We cut back on trans fats, we force down whole grains, and some of us even exercise.  And now we find it’s all for naught?

Pass the doughnuts, ’cause I’m sittin’ down.




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