HIV Hides Out

8 03 2010

Today, most people who are HIV+ take numerous drugs to control the virus, and they do so for the rest of their lives. Once those drugs start working, their bloodwork typically shows they have no virus in their bodies.

Problem is, the virus is still in the body. It’s just hiding out and sleeping.

The latest hiding place discovered is bone marrow. HIV stays in bone marrow cells and, when those cells develop into blood cells, the virus wakes up, kills those new blood cells, and actively seeks to kill other cells.

Scientists have to figure out how to stop HIV from hiding out in the bone marrow.

They have to find all the hiding places of this virus. When they do, and they discover how to stop the virus from hiding in those places, those who are HIV+ can at some point stop taking drugs, rather than staying on them for life.

What a difference that will make!