Freaky Friday

12 03 2010

Chilean Rose tarantula courtesy of The Lancet

Freaky Friday: We can’t guarantee the following bits of weird news are true, but we almost did our best to find out!  Enjoy.

A Chilean Rose tarantula shot hairs into (his/her?) owner’s eye: “When we looked at this guy’s cornea, the clear window covering the eye, we saw these little whitish spots and a little black hairy-like thing at the center of each,” St. James’s Zia Carrim told LiveScience. There were about a dozen hairs protruding from the cornea, a couple of which had gone all the way through the eye’s thin covering.  Yee-uck!

Tapeworms are usually acquired through eating undercooked meat and are thought of as only one type. However, different types can be acquired by eating different types of meat. The record for longest tapeworm ever extracted from a human is 37 feet (continuous) and was pulled out through the mouth. There’s an image for you.

The acid in your stomach is so strong, a drop of it’ll eat right through wood.  The only reason stomach acid doesn’t eat through its own lining is because the lining secretes a bicarbonate solution that, when mixed with the stomach acid, makes water. Nice.

Feet have about 500,000 sweat glands and produce at least a pint of moisture each day. Where do we come up with this stuff?  More importantly, why do we do it? Hey, it’s fun.  And it’s Friday!