Saying No to the BFF

18 08 2010

It’s Personal (Part Two)

Oh, what to do?

What do you do when someone says, “Can I borrow/have/use your…?” Everybody wants to try some of their friend’s triple chocolate cheesecake, or that sparkle eye shadow sample at the makeup counter, or some lip balm for totally chapped lips.

Whatever the case, we offer these strategies for avoiding the Big Share:

Best overall tip—blame your mom or dad. If somebody wants to borrow makeup, eat half your pie, wear your earrings, or whatever, blame your mom. Most moms we know are happy to let their daughters “blame” things like this on them if it helps their girls (and others, too) stay healthy. Examples of this might be:

  • “My mom is a germ freak.  She’d probably ground me if I did__________,”
  • “My mom is a germ freak and she turned me into one!  I can’t even let my sister/cousin/mom borrow/eat/wear whatever.  Gives me the creeps.”
  • “Oh did you see that thing on TV about people getting weird germs from sharing makeup?? It’s freaky!”

Lip gloss/balm:

  • Keep two with you at all times—one just for you and one to let others use if they insist on borrowing.  It’s hard to say no to friends without looking like a nerd, but maybe when you hand over the spare, you can say, “You know how many germs are in spit?  I never borrow this stuff,” or, “You can use this if you want, but a lot of other people have used it, too.”  They may still borrow it, but they’ll remember what you said and might do less borrowing.
  • To reduce the need for lip balm, drink plenty of water.  That will help keep your lips and skin from drying out.

Nail clippers, files and other manicure items:

  • Avoid loaning out your nail clippers and files by not carrying them with you.  Keep them at home.  But, if you have to carry some and your friends know you have them and want to borrow them, loan them your clippers or files and remember to clean them off later with disinfectant.  This won’t work on files that aren’t metal—might as well throw them away.
  • Got a hangnail and no clippers? Put a bandaid on it or just live with it until you can clip it off later.  Better than using someone else’s stuff.  A lot of people are walking around with bloodborne infections and they don’t know it, so they’re not going to stop you from using their personal items that might have microscopic specks of blood or body fluid on them.
  • If you have a habit of picking at your nails or the skin around them, try to stop. When the skin around your nails is broken or bleeding, germs can get into your body or spread to others.
  • Clip hangnails at home.
  • Keep your hands busy doing something else.
  • Moisturize frequently and stay hydrated (dry skin tends to peel up more).
  • Use a product that reduces excess cuticle.

Join us on Friday for Part Three, when we wrap up this little germfest.

Curious about Part One?



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