Not Sharing? Good!

20 08 2010

It’s Personal (Part Three)

How not to share


  • When girls hang out together at somebody’s house, makeup usually gets passed around.  This is hard to avoid, but if one of your friends wants you to try some makeup on, try saying, “Can’t do it.  Most of that stuff makes me break out.” Girls can usually relate to that and won’t push it.  If she keeps at it, just say no using the same reason.
  • Change the focus of the conversation. Tell her how that eyeshadow makes her eyes look so pretty, or that lip gloss looks good on her, or whatever.
  • Avoid having to share your makeup by not bringing any.
  • Use the “blame your mom” approach.
  • If all else fails, just put some on the back of your hand (unless you have cracked/dry/wounded skin) to try the color on your skin, then wash it off with soap and water.

Earrings and other piercing jewelry:

  • Sharing these items is a very bad idea. There is a high likelihood that these have come into contact with blood or body fluids, which can carry serious diseases that you could be stuck with for the rest of your life, so never borrow someone’s piercing jewelry.
  • If someone insists on borrowing yours, say you can’t and blame your mom. If you just can’t say no, at least clean it with disinfectant before wearing it again.

Sharing food or drinks:

  • If your friend offers you a bite of her cheesecake, hamburger, etc, use a clean fork or other utensil to cut off a bite from an uneaten portion. Or, better yet, say, “That looks so good, but I just can’t eat any more!” or something similar. If someone comes after your food with their dirty utensil, and you don’t want to stop them, just leave the part they ate off of on your plate.
  • If someone offers you a drink from their cup/can/bottle, say, “That looks good, I’m going to get one too, be right back!” or “No thanks, I don’t like ____.” If someone wants some of your drink, you can say, “I think I might be getting a cold or something—let me get one for you.”  If they insist and you don’t want to refuse them further, or they look really thirsty, let them have the rest of your drink and get a new one for yourself. They’ve been warned. 😉
  • Make it cool to keep drinks personal! Attach bling to drinking glasses. You can make your own from old jewelry and earring loops purchased from the craft store. Make each item unique in some way. For glasses without stems, get a sheet of plain/blank static cling vinyl. Design your own reusable stickers and cut them out.

Things to remember

  • Lots of people who are infected with serious diseases like HIV don’t know they have a disease.
  • People can pick up and pass on less serious infectious germs before they even feel sick.
  • You can end up with a cold, a skin infection, diarrhea or any number of nasty things if you share personal stuff.
  • Our fingers and hands can be “vehicles” for germs to hitch a ride from one place to the next. So by not sharing, you’re helping protect yourself and others from these germs.
  • Friends will respect your viewpoint if they feel you care about them and aren’t “judging” them.
  • Anyone who makes fun of you for practicing healthy habits isn’t someone worth your time.

There we are.  Now, go forth and be (semi) germ free!

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