Finally… Designer Hospital Gowns!

20 09 2010

Spent any time in the hospital lately?  Chances are you were dressed up in a Johnny gown, those little wisps of cloth that expose more than most of us care to show.

Although versatile—Johnny gowns tie so they can open from the back or the front, depending on the access your healthcare professional needs—basically they’re a piece of cloth with a couple of strings at the neck.

When determined nurses wave a Johnny at us, they take our dignity along with our pants.

But thanks to some fashion designers, we may be getting some of our dignity back.

Across the pond, designer Ben de Lisi created a modest, functional, and fashionable gown for patients.

At the Cleveland Clinic, they’ve had a gown redesign project in the works for the last three years.  Designer Diane von Furstenberg recently showcased her reversible gown that brings style, color, and full-coverage to the patient.

Feedback on the designer gown has been generally positive, although there were some grumblings about the color, and a few male patients felt the gowns were too feminine.

Designing hospital gowns is not as simple as one might think.  Patients come in all shapes and sizes and their requirements vary.

Don’t know about you, but we’re just happy that somebody is doing something to close the “gap!”



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