Partying With Hand San!

9 12 2010

It’s December, and holiday merriment runs high!

Put on the cute froufrou dress or festive tie, and head out to party with family and friends. Kisses, hugs and buffet lines mean lots of opportunities to share merriment, feel the love, and (hey, we’re infectious disease people) pass the germs.

Washing our hands with soap and water is an effective way to get rid of germs—they bind to the soap and go down the drain when we rinse.

Hand sanitizer, on the other hand, provides a quick if not long-lasting method of killing germs to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

When you’re choosing hand sanitizer, make sure it contains at least 60 percent alcohol, and keep in mind that the benefits of sanitizing only last about 2 minutes, so we need to reapply often if we’re not near soap and water.

There are lots of hand sanitizer options on the market that fit in our pants pocket or into that little party purse. Here are just a few ideas:

Do you have favorite tips to keep germs at bay at your holiday parties? Are you doing the air kiss instead of hugs?

We’d love to hear your tips, so send them in!



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