Vaccine Education Center

28 04 2011

Dr. Paul Offit, Director, VEC

The science of vaccines can be . . . daunting. The lists of ingredients and potential side effects make us want to second guess ourselves and our children’s providers. We need to be sure we’re making safe choices.

And the complicated schedules! They’re enough to make sane people pound their heads.

The folks at the Vaccine Education Center (VEC) at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have a gift for presenting the complexities of vaccines and attending issues in a way that’s easy to understand yet comprehensive in scope.

The VEC website has a special section for parents and adults of all ages.  While there, you can sign up for the Parents PACK newsletter to get monthly immunization updates.  In the March issue, there’s a timely post on measles and the dangers of rubella parties.

You’ll also find age-specific information on vaccines and the diseases they prevent. There are FAQs, but if you can’t find your question, you can send it in via a form provided on the site.

The VEC has created a library of educational materials on specific vaccines and commonly asked questions. These resources range from information sheets to more consumer-friendly bookmarks and brochures.

They also maintain essential tools, including vaccine schedules, facts about vaccine preventable diseases, and the latest in vaccine science.

To keep information fresh, the VEC pens a monthly “Ask the VEC” on a myriad of topics.

Starting in 2011, the VEC will present three or four webinars a year addressing evolving issues, recent ACIP meetings, new science and media reports.

There are layers and layers of information available on the website, for those of us who feel more is better.  And what parent doesn’t?

The VEC staff constantly works at sifting vaccine fact from fiction and explaining the difference in ways we can all understand.  If you have questions, they’re worth checking out.



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30 06 2011

I just wrote a piece at Skeptoid entitled “Five Anti-Vaccination Myths Exposed”. If you like this site I think you will enjoy my article.

14 01 2012
Stephen T

This is a very important topic. I’ve been reading some interesting information about clinical trials testing new vaccinations for various illnesses. There is more information about a clinical study taking place in Florida at

11 02 2012
arizona medicare drug coverage

It is a good thing that VEC has come up with this initiative to address the concerns of those that has apprehension about getting inoculated. Having someone explaining the positive aspect of getting inoculated as opposed to not getting one would make a lot of difference.

18 02 2012
Bradford Dentist

It has to make you wonder why health professionals are increasingly avoiding vaccinations – is it because they don’t want the risks of the side affects. in 2010 a good friend of my wife & I died from mercury poisoning either from old mercury fillings or vaccinations. She lived in constant agony from this for 15 years prior. Its a great reason why we don’t use mercury in our dental clinic. When you see how someone suffers from it, you would lkely question if the risks are worth it too.

24 01 2013
Stephen in Cleveland

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for providing yet another really interesting article. As before, I feel like there is solid evidence for the benefits that these vaccines have provided. In fact, medical researchers are working on developing a vaccination for hepatitis C. With what the CDC has said recently, I think we could really use a vaccination for this infectious disease. We have an article about it here:

6 02 2013

Thank you for yet another really interesting post. As the continuous debate rages over the use of vaccinations, I think that resources like the vaccine education center will become all the more important. I realize that the meningococcal disease is particularly deadly for children, and I know as a parent I would want to take any measure necessary to ensure the health of my child. For anyone interested, there is an educational video on vaccinations which can be viewed at

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