Facebook Tips – Let’s Share

16 08 2012

Facebook is a free social media site where we can share health messages and communicate with our patients, our community, or our world.

But, useful as the site is, the powers-that-be keep changing bits and pieces of it. It’s annoying. And, it’s hard to keep up.

Therefore, every so often we sit down and put together some tips for the current version of Facebook (at least, current as of the day this is being written). We hope you’ll share your tips in the comments. It’s easier to keep up on all the changes if we do it together!

Facebook has an App Center now. There’s no obvious search function on the page, so you do a lot of scrolling through the menu, but if you like apps and have the time to poke around, why not?

We love the convenience of going into Hootsuite and setting up our posts, but Facebook doesn’t care for it. There’s this thing called EdgeRank that is a magical formula used by Facebook to determine which posts will show up in your newsfeed, or which of your posts will show up on your fans’ newsfeeds.

Posting your updates directly on your Facebook page rather than through a third-party utility such as Hootsuite increases your EdgeRank.

You can schedule your posts to run when you like, just click on the clock image at the bottom of the status update box. It will ask you what year, month, day, and time you want your post to run.

You may have 1,264 “likes” on your organization’s page, but not all of those people will receive your posts. Facebook steps in and decides which of your posts will show up on which individual’s newsfeed. The more your posts are liked or commented on or shared, the more often they will show up in newsfeeds.

You can also ask your fans to hover over the Like(d) button on your page and make sure the “Show in News Feed” option is checked.

Use your Timeline cover image to share your various messages, and change that image a couple of times a week. The image is 851 x 315 pixels. You can use Paint or any simple software to create as many covers as you like. We’re currently sharing one of CDC’s flu messages.

We all love pictures, and we need to take advantage of the space on our Facebook pages. See the tabs below? The ones that say Photos, Likes, Home, Move to the Beat? You can go to your tabs on your page and change any image on any tab so that you have branded tabs.

The images are 111 x 74 pixels. To change them out, click the arrow in the box to the right of the tabs (next to Move to the Beat). Hover over a tab and click on the little pencil, click Edit Settings, click Change next to Custom Tab image, then click Change again when the new box pops up. After that, you upload an image from your computer and boom, customized tab images.

There are many more ways to enhance your organization’s Facebook page. We blog about them occasionally and we’d like to hear what you do to make your page a go-to site for your target audience.

By Trish Parnell



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