Twitter Header How-To

24 09 2012

Heads up, Twitter users! Come November, your twitter profile is going to look a little grey if you don’t do something about it.

They’re changing the look to include a header image of your choice, similar to the timeline cover that is now on Facebook pages.

The fix is simple and here’s how you do it:

First, create an image. Keep in mind that the header image you’re about to create will show along with your existing background image, so make sure they don’t clash.

Open your image editor (Photoshop or Paint or whatever you use) and create a New image with these dimensions: 1252px (width) X 626px (height) and 300 (resolution). I like to set the resolution this high because it makes any text you put on the image look good. This holds true for your Facebook timeline cover, and maybe even more true for that image.

Design your image as you like and keep in mind that your profile picture and some of the text from your profile will automatically show up on the image once you’ve uploaded it and are done with it:

Log onto your Twitter page and click on the Settings wheel at the top of your page on the right side. In the dropdown menu, click on Edit Profile:

On the left side of your page where you see Account, Password, Mobile, and so on, click on Design:

Scroll down a little, and click on the Change Header or Header option. It might say something slightly different if you don’t yet have a header, but look for the “Header” box above the Change Background box on the right side of the page:

Click on the Header box and a box will pop up that is a directory of your computer. Make sure you’ve named your image something obvious and that you remember where you stored it, then click on the “Look in” dropdown at the top of the box and go find your image:

Once you’ve found it, double-click on it and a new box will appear saying “Upload a header image” and it will have a slider bar at the bottom so you can do any final adjustments to the image. You then click Save or Cancel on the box, as you like:

Assuming you clicked save, it will do so and then you scroll to the bottom of the Design page and click “Save changes.” To see your new header, click on “Me” at the top of your page.

And that’s it! Do you have some Twitter headers you’d like to share? We’re all looking for great ideas!

By Trish Parnell



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