Stay Connected on Facebook

31 10 2012

Have you noticed that your personal Facebook newsfeed isn’t as well-rounded as it used to be?

Facebook decides what makes it to your newsfeed and what doesn’t. Let’s say you “like” 10 pages on Facebook. If you seldom interact (like or share or comment) with a page’s posts, or seldom visit a page, its posts slowly disappear from your newsfeed.

Facebook thinks it has you figured out and, if left alone, will show you only what it thinks you want to see.

There is a simple way to see the posts that you actually want to see. You create a “list” of the pages that you like and those pages’ posts will start showing up again in your newsfeed. Most of them, anyway. You can see every single post from every page that you like by clicking on the “list” that you created.

This is how to do it:

Look on the left side of your newsfeed/home screen. Click  INTERESTS. If you do not see INTERESTS, click MORE.

The INTERESTS section will appear – click ADD INTERESTS

Then, click CREATE LISTS

Click PAGES on the left, then click on each page’s icon. A little blue check mark will appear to indicate that you’ve chosen that page to be on the list. Once you’ve selected all the pages you want for this particular list, click the NEXT button at the bottom of the box.

Type in a name for this list, and choose who can see the list. Once you’ve done that, click DONE.

That’s it! Now most of the posts from the pages on your list will appear in your newsfeed. To see all of the posts from each page on your list, look under INTERESTS on the left side of your newsfeed/home screen and click on the list. If you don’t see INTERESTS, click on MORE and that is where you’ll find it.

There is another way to ensure that you get a page’s posts in your newsfeed, and that’s to go to a page, hover over the LIKED button and then click “Show in News Feed” in the dropdown menu.

Those of you with branded pages should share this post with your Facebook followers so that they can get your page on their list.

[Update: No sooner do you post something about Facebook than it changes – a little or a lot. In this case, it’s a little, but it’s helpful. Check out this article on staying connected:]

By Trish Parnell



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