The Informed Parent

28 03 2016

The Informed Parent is about to hit the streets, and it’s perfect for parents and parents-to-be.

Science writers Tara Haelle and Emily Willingham, PhD, pooled their strong individual talents and produced “a science-based resource for your child’s first four years.”

It is definitely that, and wow, what a resource.The Informed Parent

I got my hands on an advanced copy and started flipping through it last night. It’s a condensed encyclopedia covering everything from Accutane to marijuana, and poky labor to vasospasms.

Are you concerned about childhood obesity and diabetes? These days, that’s not an irrational worry. Haelle and Willingham interviewed experts in the field, dug deep into available research, and then broke it all down for us so that we can understand the science and make informed decisions for our kids. Well, it is aptly named The Informed Parent.

Are you breastfeeding and find you have, oh, about nine million questions? Tongue-ties and lip-ties are discussed, D-MER (dysphoric milk ejection reflex) is explained, and secondary lactation insufficiency is explored, along with so many other issues that can crop up about or around breastfeeding.

This book covers your child from the time he or she was a wishful thought in your head through gestation, birth, infancy (possibly the scariest time for new parents), solid foods, crawling, walking (waddling, really), sunscreen and mosquito repellent, air pollution, TV, mobile devices, discipline, toilet training (we all have our favorite toilet stories, don’t we?), preschool, and, well, it’s easier if you simply read the book.

It’s 309 pages of reliable, science-based information.

This is my new gift for parents of young ones, and parents-to-be.



by Trish Parnell



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