International Conference on Viral Hepatitis

9 05 2011

The International Conference on Viral Hepatitis was held in mid-April in Baltimore.  The conference description was as follows:

There exist significant challenges to diagnosing and linking to treatment large numbers of hepatitis B virus (HBV)- and hepatitis C virus (HCV)-infected patients who are unaware of their serostatus and thus are not on either anti-HBV or anti-HCV treatment. Additionally, bottlenecks preventing expanded access to HBV and HCV care must be addressed in light of shifting treatment paradigms, which requires an expanded number of clinicians from multiple disciplines to deliver HBV and HCV care.

Presentations will feature state-of-the-art information on HBV and HCV research, clinical perspectives, and medical treatment, both within the context of HBV and HCV monoinfection, as well as coinfection with HIV. The conference will feature 24 oral abstract presentations, poster sessions, plenary presentations, invited panel discussions, and clinical case study reviews.

A couple of findings from the conference that could interest parents of HCV+ kids include:

Forty percent of HCV+ patients are not adhering to their treatment. The key to this is identifying those patients who are depressed and treating the depression along with the disease. Those who were treated for their depression showed higher rates of adherence and, consequently, higher rates of viral suppression.

SPRINT-2 was a study of previously untreated HCV+ genotype 1 patients looking at boceprevir with peginterferon/ribavirin.  In this study, this combination of drugs increased sustained virologic response  significantly over standard therapy. Another study looked at patients who had been previously treated with standard therapy but either did not respond to treatment or relapsed.  For those patients, boceprevir was added in re-treatment and significantly higher rates of sustained virologic response were achieved.

These studies were not performed on children, but we know that what works in the adult population will eventually find its way to the pediatric population.

Please read the conference PDF for more abstract findings.


Hep B Foundation Conference

15 05 2009

The Hepatitis B Foundation is having its annual B Informed Patient Conference.  We want folks to know about it, so here’s the info from their website and for registration details, click here:

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The 2009 B Informed Patient Conference, sponsored by the Hepatitis B Foundation in partnership with the Hepatitis B Information and Support List (HB-L), will be held June 26-27 at Delaware Valley College, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, just a few miles from the home of the Hepatitis B Foundation.

Highlights of this year’s conference will include formal presentations by clinical and research experts with interactive Q & A sessions.

The keynote address will be given by Dr. Mack Mitchell, Director, Division of Gastroenterology and Digestive Diseases at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, will provide an update on the care and treatment of chronic hepatitis B in adults.

An update for children with chronic hepatitis B will be given by Dr. Barbara Haber, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Information about the new NIH HBV Clinical Research Network will be given by hepatologist Dr. Michael Fried, U. of North Carolina; an update on hepatitis B and liver cancer by Dr. Kenneth Rothstein, Drexel U. Liver Center; and the hepatitis B drug watch by Dr. Timothy Block, president of the Hepatitis B Foundation and professor at Drexel University College of Medicine.

7th Annual Hepatitis B Foundation Patient Conference

10 04 2007

Maureen Kamischke reveals the highlights of the upcoming Hep B Foundation conference. For more information, visit or

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