Freaky Friday #5

9 04 2010

We cannot guarantee the following bits of weird news are true, but we almost did our best to find out!  Enjoy.

Cyborg bugs fly among us and may be the precursors to cyborg babies! This is for the Trekkies out there (and at PKIDs). It’s that ever-curious experimental research branch of the Pentagon, DARPA, always getting up to something. Does it knock down the Yikes factor a bit if you know they’re fruit and fig beetles?

Don’t let this guy show you any love. Kissing bugs like to bite around the mouth and can cause infections affecting the heart or intestines. You don’t cha-cha when you have Chagas, baby.

If your favorite food is the color red, chances are it has bugs in it! Any food with ingredients like cochineal dye, carmine, or carminic acid gets its color from the crushed bodies of the cochineal insect. The bug shells are boiled, dried, and then ground into a fine powder. You can get your cochineal fix in things like red juices and sodas, gelatins, sausages, pies, and jams.

People didn’t develop the gene to digest lactose (milk) until 7,500 years ago. Who were the first people to take a swig of that white water? Turns out, it was probably “a farming culture called the Linearbandkeramik.” And if you like the word Linearbandkeramik, find out more here! Finally, you can lead a cow upstairs, but not down. That’s all we have to say on milk and related animals. Where do we come up with this stuff? Why do we do it? Hey, it’s fun. And it’s Friday.

Freaky Friday #4

2 04 2010

We cannot guarantee the following bits of weird news are true, but we almost did our best to find out!  Enjoy.

Photo courtesy of Mastababa

Fear makes the earwax flow, although scientists aren’t sure why. Earwax, yucky and disgusting as it is, stops germs from setting up camp in those lovely, damp, warm holes we call ear canals.

This just in: Neptune eats planet, kidnaps (moonnaps?) moon. That’s all we have to say on that.

Have you seen the latest film version of Alice in Wonderland? Turns out Alice isn’t the only one dropping down a rabbit hole. Sufferers of “Alice in Wonderland syndrome” often see objects and distances as larger or smaller than they normally appear, creating a sort of “funhouse” vision of the world. Lewis Carroll was said to be a sufferer.

The old-timers called them homunculus, or little men. Benign tumors bristling with hair, bits of teeth, skin, sweat glands…sometimes even eyeballs or hands.  No, not undeveloped fetuses, just (gag) debris that may develop into a growth in men or women.

Gross gas facts: (Hey, you knew we had to go there at some point.):

  • A deceased person will still fart shortly after death.
  • They actually make special underwear for people who pass gas a lot. They are called Fartypants. (We think this one is a joke, but check out GasBGon pants)
  • Termites have the smelliest farts. These creatures’ farts are believed to be a major contributor toward global warming.

Why do we do it? It’s Friday! Send in your wacky fact with a link and if we can almost say it’s true, we’ll post it.