It’s a Rap

9 01 2012

(Written in the spirit of fun and, oh yes, Happy New Year!)

My New Year’s resolution shouldn’t bring no retribution ‘cause I’m talkin’ diminution of disease.

I wanna get the word out that a vax can be the knockout of that thing that takes you right down to your knees.

There ain’t no use in lyin’ it can hurt you ‘til you’re cryin’ and you may go into hidin’ from nursies.

But if you are a brave one and you wait until they’re all done you’ll be superhero topgun wait and see.

We’re almost at the finish let me just say I have one wish that is sure to bring you all up short you see.

This year I’d like to make it through and manage not to take from you a boatload of your nasty old cooties.

(Rewrites are welcome! Send us your version or something entirely new and we’ll post it!)

Vote and Vax

1 11 2010

Vote & Vax strongly urges public health and emergency management agencies to pilot immunization stations at polling places in their communities this Election Day. Flu season is almost here and we all have a stake in making sure that as many Americans as possible have a chance to be vaccinated.

While most flu sufferers recover in a couple weeks with no problems, a flu vaccination can prevent severe complications like pneumonia or death in vulnerable populations – such as the very young, the elderly, and those with other serious medical conditions.

Vote & Vax is also a great exercise in emergency preparedness. Improving your agency’s skill in immunizing potentially large numbers of people at community venues helps build your capacity to better respond to emergencies or disasters in the future.

Interested in protecting and preparing your community for flu season?

Participating in Vote & Vax is easy and a great opportunity to increase your community’s awareness of the importance and role of public health providers. Register your agency now and receive a free Election Day event kit — but only while supplies last!

Find out more at or watch our story on YouTube!

Doug Shenson, M.D.
Program Director
Vote & Vax